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Destiny Pc Release Date

Destiny PC Release Date Shown On Leaked Steam Database Entry! Activision CEO Agrees That The Platform Is A Perfect Fit For The Game!


Bungie finally reveals Destiny's next expansion

After weeks of speculation, Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain on Destiny’s latest expansion. With a September 20th release date, players won’t have to wait too long to set out on their next adventure. The reveal also showcased a big surprise for those that preorder the upcoming expansion.


Updated: Top 50 best free games you should play today -> Best free games to play today Update: As Ubisoft has revealed that Ghost Recon Phantoms will subsist no longer come December we've replaced it with hidden gem Alto's Adventure at number 30! Take it from us PC gaming isn't cheap. If you plan on dipping your toes into every major game release you'll need to prep your wallet for a series of unwieldy spending. That is unless you opt for free-to-play…

Destiny Hints at Future PC Release, Won't Come out in 2013

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Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Top 12 Cross-Gen Video Games

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Call of Duty: Ghosts to Skip Wii U, Indie Title Follow-up to State of Decay in Talks with Microsoft & Destiny Still Unsure of PC Release - International Business Times

[17] Destiny News - Mythbuster Edition: Release Date, "Space Magic" and ... A Essplanation re Dates and the relevancies / non relevancy . ContextualAwareness is a Key to Understanding NuDestiny-One[]


Tikotep Adventure System: PC Release: TBA Developer: alwex Website: / TIGSource Forums / IndieDB Description: “Tikotep’s adventure is a action/adventure platformer game backed up by a strong storyline.You play Tikotep, a young indian boy who will have to face his own destiny and unveil the truth as mysterious events begin to change his world forever.He will encounter many foes on his long and perilous journey, but there are some evils that should not be awakened …”