This was the top pinned image of the month! I love it when the image contains the instructions too. I just ordered some lavender essential oil on Amazon (this one is the #1 best seller and has great reviews).

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A hot bath is a relaxing way to unwind and end the day. It can be especially beneficially when you add detox bath salts that help to remove toxins, promote peaceful sleep and aid in weight loss. This all-natural Rosemary Chamomile Detox Bath Soak recipe uses simple ingredients to prepare an inexpensive but luxurious detox bath.

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An Extraordinary DIY Detox Bath Soak with Recipe. Detox bath soak constitutes an ideal home remedy for anyone seeking to achieve and maintain optimal health, and naturally enjoy a lean, fit and toned body.

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Ginger Detox Bath Soak - A Tried & True Project . I try to do this regularly. I love it! I feel rejuvenated afterwards and my mood is elevated. Of course that could just be from the relaxation and privacy this requires.

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Learn how to make Magnesium Rose Natural Detox Bath Salts to aise your magnesium levels for better sleep, de-stressing, migraine prevention and more!

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Detox bath....1 cup Epsom salt, 2 tbl ginger....put into a hot hot bath and soak 30 min, no more, sweat your ass off and scrub dry, really SCRUB dry! No lotions after or rinsing just take your strangely tired booty to bed and sleep better than ever! You'll wake up soaked in sweat again but it releases all toxins and impurities from your body so drink lots of h2o the next day! This really works, you'll feel great!!!

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