Pro sports teams and musical and cultural icons mingle with up-and-coming businesses that feed a can-do spirit in Detroit: #detroit #michigan

Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain, better known as the "Dodge Fountain". This is a meeting spot when people come to Hart Plaza, which is often used for festivals such as the Detroit International Jazz Fest (Windsor, Canada is a short drive under or over the Detroit River), and the Electronic Music Festival (Movement).

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Abandoned Pontchartrain Hotel,Detroit,Michigan (was the birthplace of the auto industry. Everybody who was anybody in the car business' early years met at this bar to check out inventions and make connections. The old hotel on Campus Martius stood only seven years before being consumed by progress. It occupied the southeast corner of Woodward Avenue and Cadillac Square from 1907 until 1920)

Motown Studios, who would think such a humble looking small converted home in Detroit, Michigan. would bring so much great singers and unforgettable life changing music

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