Hahahaha, Emma's face! Although we as an audience have known this for awhile, it's about time someone actually notices how weird this family and their relationships are!!! Milah and Emma Swan - 5 * 14 "Devil's Due"

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Killian Jones and Emma Swan - 5 * 14 "Devil's Due" #CaptainSwan

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It's probably not gonna be great, but it's one of those paranormal/demon force setups that I don't mind so much

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Vamonos a ver "El Heredero Del Diablo" (Devil's Due), haber que tal esta, aunque IMDB diga que tiene score de 4.7 de 10

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"This is Milah, my ex-wife. And Hook's ex, also. She's also Baelfire's mother" - Rumple, Milah and Emma #OnceUponATime ((One of the best scenes of the episode, hahahaha))

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