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Suns lost to Pacers on 1/12/16. Devin Booker had 19 points and 2 rebounds. Archie Goodwin had 12 points and 2 rebounds. Final score was Pacers-116 and Suns 97. NBAE-#SunsAtPacers


2/4/16 Suns playing against the Rockets. Booker has been chosen to participate in the 3 point contest on 2/13/16 in Toronto. He will be the youngest to ever have participated.


NBA Rookies Hold Court On Style

Favorite fashion item: “I’m big on shoes. When I pick out something, that’s usually the first thing I go for. I’ll build my outfit off of my shoes.” Earliest fashion memory: “My mom had me dressed in Polo Ralph Lauren and Jordans. I have baby pictures of them.”