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LIE: Princess Diana's Coffin lying in state TRUTH: If you click on the image, the site it is taken from clearly identifies this as *Princess Margaret's coffin lying in state at St. James' Palace*.


By Richard Kay for the Daily Mail

You evil people who killed this beautiful woman your time is coming. Don't think Satan will save you he can not even save himself. He was created by my God and booted out of heaven because of his vanity and he will be destroyed by God at the end of time and all those who follow him will die too, So be warned, recant and my God who is a God of love will save you


I was BEYOND devastated at this point. Not sure I still believed it even here seeing it on TV. I am NOT one who is into conspiracy theories, but I will never believe it was just a "freak accident". Crazy, I know!! But, I don't and never will.


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