Diana Muldaur, playing multiple characters in Star Trek.

Diana Muldaur, playing multiple characters in Star Trek.<<< So Stargate wasn't the only Sci-Fi show to reuse actors more than once!

Star Trek Catching Up With Diana Muldaur, Part 1

Diana Muldaur also played Miranda Jones in the original series "Is There In Truth No Beauty?


Diana Muldaur, an actress who worked a lot she did both Star Trek and a semi regular role on Mc Cloud.

Diana Muldaur in "Harts On The Run"  (S:5, E:12)

Diana Muldaur in Hart to Hart

The Flaming Nose: Happy Birthday to Diana Muldaur!

All fans of television will join us in offering a big Happy Birthday today to the lovely and talented Diana Muldaur , one of the most acc.

Nata libera (Born Free) è una serie televisiva statunitense di 13 episodi del 1974  ideata da Carl Forman con Elsa, la leonessa, Gary Collins, Diana Muldaur, basata sull'omonimo romanzo autobiografico del 1960 della naturalista e scrittrice britannica Joy Adamson e sull'omonimo film di James Hill del 1966

Diana Muldaur and Gary Collins in Born Free Television series 1974

Diana Muldaur

Born 19 August New York City.

Diana Muldaur

Diana Muldaur