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Dice math games kindergarten

Kids roll a dice, fill in the blank, cross out the pins, and fill in the answer. Easy and fun way to practice subtraction using pictures.

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Subtraction Action is a dice game to teach kids how to subtract.To Play:1. Students are given 2 dice. They roll each dice and are given two n...

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17 Dice Games for Kids (that teach early math skills

Playful maths 17 Dice Games that teach early math skills for kids through play

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Race to 50. It's played in pairs and each partner chooses a different color crayon to use. Taking turns rolling a die (or 2 dice if you're kids are ready for that) the kids color in the number of squares on the game board that matches the number that they've rolled. How fast can they get to 50? Be prepared for a noisy math time!

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Free Math Worksheets: Dice & Domino Math Games

  Visit Confessions of a Homeschooler to download these free math worksheets for grades.  The free worksheets include a variety of math games using dice and dominoes.   Find more free math resources here! Amazon.

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Free Preschool Math Game: Monster Dice Match

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