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Picture Dictionary for Writing Center

Themed Picture Dictionary for Writing Centers and English Language Learners. Great for early learners, writers and ELL! TPT The Reading Fairy


Vilipend - 1. Definitions for vilipend to regard or treat as of little value or account. 2. to vilify; depreciate. Origin: Vilipend derives from the Latin terms vīlis meaning "cheap" and pendere meaning "to consider." It entered English in the 1400s.


“Kill two birds with one stone” means “to complete two tasks at one time with a single action”. Example: I killed two birds with one stone and saw some old friends while I was in London visiting my parents. Get our apps for learning English:...

“Keep in with” means “to stay friendly with someone”. Example: I like to ​keep in with my ex-employer, you never ​know when you might need a ​reference. Get our apps for learning English:


“Face the music” means “to accept responsibility for something you have done”. Example: Mary broke a dining room window and had to face the music when her father got home. Get our apps for learning English:

“Drag your feet” means “to do something slowly because you don’t want to do it”. Example: He knows he should see a doctor, but he’s dragging his feet. Get our apps for learning English: