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Suicide by electrocution. Although uncommon, this victim wired his left ankle as well as a ring around the left thumb(as seen here). The path of the current in this case involved the heart and the assumable cause of death was ventricular fibrillation.


Silver Surfer, there's nothing quite like having the power cosmic!!! Oh the fin I'd have using the power cosmic, I could heal injured kittens, do awesome silver surf board tricks for under privileged kids in the hood, destroy bad guy bases with the waive of my hand, end the nuclear conflict, cheat in Monopoly and most importantly rearrange all the molecules on all the people I don't care for and make them a deformed half man/women. I'd pull a Barney Stinson and give all women back jugs!!!!


Stream or grab a DVD and watch "Die Hand Die Verletzt" with us.


Some frogs, and's episode was insane! Don't miss it! Fan art from:


Die Hand die Verletzt


"Die Hand Die Verletzt"

The X-Files, s02e14 Die Hand die Verletzt

Die Hand die Verletzt x files


The X-Files. Series 2 Episode 14. Die Hand Die Verletzt.

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THE X-FILES - "Intro" alternative movie poster / print - Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder

THE X-FILES Die Hand die Verletzt movie poster by PLukaszewskiArt