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Civilian Aid Worker Gene De Bruin -POW/MIA- Air America employee-C-46 shot down over Laos. POW with LT Dieter Dengler in 1966. He did not attempt to escape due to the illness of the other POW'S .Currently Missing+++you are not forgotten+++to be absent of the body is present with the LORD+++


LT Dieter Dengler - USS RANGER (CV-61) Navy Pilot -A1H Skyraider - POW , he escaped from POW camp , rescued by the USAF SAR Team , he was sent to DaNang evacuation hospital to recover.


Dieter Dengler (22 May 1938–7 February 2001) was a German-born US Navy pilot on the USS Ranger who, during the Vietnam War, became a POW after taking part in a bombing sortie.

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10 Unbelievable Prison Breaks

God rest his soul. Tortured with razor-sharp bamboo and fed alive to ants. Navy pilot Dieter Dengler, the longest-held U.S. prisoner to escape during the Vietnam War, weighed 98 pounds at his return in 1966. He had been held captive in Laos for six months. His eyes tell his story. God Bless you, sir! Rest in peace, Dieter. Please don't forget to share this post. Let it reach maximum people.


Dieter Dengler, a POW who escaped a Laotian torture camp during the Vietnam War and chronicled his experience in the book "Escape from Laos", has died. He was 62 and lived in Mill Valley, California.


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