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What Your Brows Say About You

There are many different types of brow shapes and this guide will help you find out what your brows are saying about you.

from StyleCaster

Here’s How to Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

Different eyebrow shape on the same face, so you can see the effect different shapes have on the eyes and face. I have high arches

from AllDayChic

Sugaring - Hair Removal

Don't forget to tweeze a few days before your session (try not to do it the morning of your session so your skin isn't red).

from Wonder Forest

Brow Confidential: 8 Different Eyebrow Shapes

I get asked about my brows a lot and it's probably one of my favourite parts about doing my makeup. I am a firm believer that your brows make your face. Depending on your natural brow shape and face shape, one person's everyday brow could look completely different on somebody else. I'


See how different eyebrow shapes affect phoenix eyes. A curve makes them softer, and straight makes you look like you're about to scratch, but in a sexy way...