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The 2007 Japan’s music scene, laid out as the Tokyo Subway map at Complete with all the notable names across the years from the Japanese music scene, the map plots artists as the stations and the different lines as the different genre’s of music.

Different Lines pattern by Veera Välimäki


Lines in Motion from Thayer Elementary School - Grade 4 They can choose from the silhouette of a bird, plane, butterfly, etc. Then they use different line combinations to show movement.


STEM Activity Challenge: Build a Zip Line

Zip line passenger carriers! This STEM challenge includes experimenting with different lines! Teacher directions, helpful hints, and lab sheets are included!


Student Dictionary: Dolch Sight Words, Fry's 100 Words and More

This STUDENT DICTIONARY includes ALL 220 DOLCH Sight Words, Fry's First 100 Words, additional word lists (common nouns, verbs, emotions, etc..), plus four different lined options! Each dictionary uses only 10 sheets of paper, and simple photo instructions are included on how to easily assemble this must-have classroom tool! This dictionary also comes in full-page format, too! $


Do You Know There are 6 Ways to Apply Eyeliner? In the process of makeup, eyeliner gives a significant impact; different ways of applying the eyeliner would create a different look! There are 6 ways to apply eyeliner, which one suits you the most?