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Feeling low? Here's a few ideas about how animals may help you

I was feeling rather low the other day, missing home and friends from far away, so I decided to make a mission to a bird and monkey sanctuary, here's why. I once had a chat with an Uber driver who told me he was an orphan from Ruanda, and had grown up in an orphanage in town where they had to participate in several different types of therapy as they grew up - due to their rough and difficult situations. He told me his favourite therapy was Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) which I then ...

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Bad Monkey~ Create a list of animals on a colored sheet of paper and a list of simple activities on a different colored sheet of paper. Cut apart, and place all in a hat. Have each student choose one of each color. They will end up with a type of animal doing a specific activity such as a 'butterfly' 'washing the dishes.' Members of Drama Notebook have access to this game ready to print out and cut apart, and to a video that shows how the game is played!


Types of Monkeys

"My mustache is more impressive than yours, yours is a weave!" retorted this miffed monkey.


Types of Monkeys

DrillThe Drill is an endangered primate. In the equatorial region of Africa the drill is known as "bushmeat" and eaten. Their habitat has also been largely destroyed. Drills move on the ground and in the lower levels oftrees and eat mostly fruit.

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20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

This is an extremely rare, highly endangered small wild cat which is only found on the island of Borneo. It wasn't until 1998 that live Bornean Bay Cats were actually photographed, so very little is known about them. They grow to around 22 inches in length, and vary between 5 and 10 pounds; it's likely that like most other types of felines, the males grow much larger than the females. They hunt at night for birds, rodents, and sometimes monkeys. They appear to be related to the Asian Golden…

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Jane Goodall on Empathy and How to Reach Our Highest Human Potential

born 3 April, Jane Goodall: '....You may not believe in evolution, and that is all right. How we humans came to be the way we are is far less important than how we should act now to get out of the mess we have made for ourselves.'

This gave me some ideas on different types of panels! A Lostie's Tutorial - Guide to Panel Variation

This gave me some ideas on different types of panels! A Lostie's Tutorial - Guide to Panel Variation


This is a good resource describing bilingualism and the stages that can occur. This includes an explanation of the silent period and language loss. It also looks into code switching and the myths and realities of being bilingual. This is beneficial for a school based SLP because it gives explanations on the differences between the types of bilingualism and give definitions on what will occur when a student is going through ESL. It all does the SLP a guide to seeing what the stages of…