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Different Types Of Tigers

breeds of tigers | The Adventure's Of Ralph: All of the Tigers and their differences

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Different Tigers

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What a great idea: bridesmaid's bouquets of different types of flowers, but all in the same hue.--we could go shopping together to pick them out!

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Unusual animals around the world

The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. Gorgeous.

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INDOCHINESE TIGER- The Indochinese Tiger is in grave danger due to high levels of poaching. There is also the fact that their bodies are used to make many different types of medicine in China. Stripes closer together than other species and color more vibrant. These are found in Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Cambodia

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Tiger Shark: One of the largest sharks, capable of reaching 18 feet. Forced perspective makes this one look a lot bigger. Tiger sharks are Near Threatened with extinction.

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Animals That You Probably Don't Know Exist

Animals That You Probably Don’t Know Exist

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Mackerel Tabby - A mackerel tabby has narrow stripes that run in parallel down its sides. This is what some people refer to as a "tiger cat." The body has narrow stripes running down the sides in a vertical pattern. Ideally the stripes are non-broken lines; evenly spaced. They branch out from one stripe that runs along the top of the cat's back down the spine, resembling fish skeleton -- which is why the term "mackerel" is used to describe it.

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Depression- How to Find Healing with Herbs

Find out about the different types of depression, and herbs you can use to help manage them!

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