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These 8 Figurative Language Posters are a great way for you to introduce different types of figurative language and can also be displayed in the classroom and used as a reference for your students. There is a poster for each type of figurative language including similes, idioms, metaphors, hyperbole, alliterations, personifications, and onomatopoeia, as well as a title poster that says Figurative Language. Also included in my Figurative Language Unit for 4th/5th grades! (TpT Resource)


This website allows me to learn about the different types of soil and learn more than just the names. I think the student's need to know the differences but first I need to ensure I know them and can answer questions about them, and I think this website will help.


A novel way to teach about the different types of triangles! - equilateral triangle, scalene triangle, isosceles triangle - Carey's Class via Joy of Teaching


When students learned about the different types of clouds in Science class, this would be a worksheet I could use for them to practice applying their knowledge. KR


SCIENCE FREEBIE: WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOIL? Are you learning about rocks and soils? This ebook is for YOU! This is a great way to introduce some of the different types of soils. From sponsor @educents #afflink