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The D-Trade system for the Department of State requires a digital signature for electronic submission of forms using an ACES digital certificate. IdenTrust, provides ACES D-Trade Digital Certificates. IdenTrust was the first certified ACES issuer by the GSA.

France 1936 - Airmail 50 f. reversed burelage, BDF dated, Signed Calves with digital certificate - Yvert n° 15b

Fake Digital Certificates Found in the Wild While Observing Facebook SSL Connections #Security


98% of SSL enabled websites still using SHA-1 based weak Digital Certificates #Security


France 1849 - Céres imperforate, 1 f. carmine, cancelled, Signed Calves with digital certificate - Yvert n° 6

France 1854-62 - Napoleon 10 c.bistre-yellow (reprint from 1862) and 5c. green-yellow with signature and digital certificate by Calves - Yvert n°9e and 12a