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Dinka tribe

beautiesofafrique: The Dinka corset, traditionally... - logangaiarpg


How Much Do You Know About Ancient Africa?

Dinka Boy with Long Horned Bull :: Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith. Gorgeous


Dinka Man, Sudan "A Dinka elder's pallid body, caked in ash, and his great height earned him the name 'ghostly giant' from early explorers into Sudan. Wise in the ways of cattle husbandry, he is one of the oldest herders in the cattle camp and is consulted on important issues of survival during the long dry season." photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher


34 Amazingly Beautiful Pictures of the Sudanese Dinka Tribe

Young Dinka boys enjoy playing in the water after fishing. occasionally during the spearing of fish, monitor lizards or even pythons may be accidentally caught.


Africa | Dinka mother and child, Sudan. "Like the corsets, bracelets and armlets are fitted very tightly to accentuate the body's natural form. Coils of wire are wound so firmly that they only just permit circulation and often case the limbs to swell, but the Dinka admire roundness of limbs and will endure the discomfort with pride" | ©Angela Fisher, Africa Adorned, 1984