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Fossil hunting is something I've always wanted to do :) sounds like quite the adventure.

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Spinosaurus - Bigger than T. Rex, and Every Bit as Nasty

People say if t-rex and spino went head to head in a fight on land that t-rex would win. Actually spino has a better chance. His long jaw and claws give him the advantage. Also hid bigger than t-rex!!!!T-rex just has a muscular head as a weapon nothing else. Therefore spino would probably win. ⬆️not my words but that is amazing I always loved spino more

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Fossils at Fossil Fest in Round Rock, Texas

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Red-blooded Tyrannosaurus rex - 20 years ago, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer made an astonishing discovery. Peering through a microscope at a slice of dinosaur bone, she spotted what looked for all the world like red blood cells. It seemed utterly impossible—organic remains were not supposed to survive the fossilization process—but test after test indicated that the spherical structures were indeed red blood cells from a 67-million-year-old T-rex. Read about her subsequent findings...

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Triceratops and Torosaurus dinosaurs 'two species, not one'

Triceratops and Torosaurus dinosaurs 'two species, not one' ... A study has rejected claims that Triceratops and the lesser-known Torosaurus are one and the same type of dinosaur. Research published in 2010 suggested the two-horned animals represented merely different growth stages, with Torosaurus the adult and Triceratops the youngster. But researchers at Yale University say the fossils do not support the theory. More here...

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David Attenborough to reveal remains of largest dinosaur ever to walk the planet

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