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Dinosaur Watermelon

watermelon dinosaur. How cute is this!? What a great way to stick to healthy foods at a kid's party (or heck, even a grown-up party... I know plenty of adults that would think this is super cool!)

How to Carve a Watermelon T Rex Dinosaur: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

instructions for T-Rex Dinosaur carved watermelon

dinosaur-watermelon Coolest fruit dish EVER

Photo 5 of 32: Land Before Time / Birthday "Dinosaur Birthday" | Catch My Party

Looks so cool, Who wants to help me do this for Bennys party!?!

Watermelon T-Rex Dinosaur - ClassBrain Parent-Teacher | ClassBrain Parent-Teacher

Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew cut into dinosaurs with cookie cutters!

Adorable dinosaur party - check out the lava cakes and watermelon "egg" hunt

dinosaur party ideas

How to Carve a Watermelon T Rex Dinosaur: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Carve a Watermelon T Rex Dinosaur: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Carve a Watermelon T Rex Dinosaur Step 7.jpg

Dinosaur party food! If you can carve a pumpkin, have a go at a dinosaur watermelon. Mark out where you will carve with the tip of a knife, then carve away. Add some grapes and strawberries and VIOLA! Healthy party food.

Mini watermelon painted dino eggs! Dinosaur Party Games - by a Professional Party Planner

dinosaur party food2

MY PARTY PASSION: Underwater/Under the Sea Party - Guest Feature

Cucumber Watermelon Smoothie Blend and enjoy! 1 cup coconut water 1 small organic cucumber 1 cup frozen watermelon 2 leaves of organic dinosaur (aka Lacinato or Tuscan) kale 1/2 a lime 7 leaves of fresh mint

Philosoraptor Dinosaur thinking, if the number 666 is considered evil, is 25.8069 the root of all evil ? Hehehehehehe!The 23 Most Provocative Questions Posed By Philosoraptor He may not be a modern day Aristotle, but Philosoraptor only seems to get wiser the older the meme gets. From the origins of the universe to the very existence of seedless watermelons, here’s Philosoraptor’s most intriguing musings. at Buzz Feed com

Watermelon in the Land Before Time | Carve a Watermelon T Rex Dinosaur - wikiHow

Crafty Kris: A Dinosaur Birthday! Dino watermelon and volcano cake

would be so cute for a one year old birthday party with the dinosaur as the smash cake! (side note: whomever came up with the idea of a smash cake separate from the cake everyone actually eats gets an A in my book!)

Free hat Patterns Bee, lady bug, dinosaurs, watermelon, bunny, and more

T-rex watermelon carving and volcanic cupcakes for dinosaur themed birthday party

Wants and Wishes: Party planning: Dinosaur Party: Dinosaur Egg Hunt Activity - watermelon dino eggs