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Direct Democracy vs. Representative Democracy

This worksheet was created to go along with Georgia's 3rd Grade Greece Unit. I have searched for a few years and have never found any worksheets to go along with the discussion of Ancient Greece Direct Democracy and USA's Representative Democracy.SS3H1c.NOTE: Thumbnail image of the worksheet shows words on the right side of the clipart.


Students cut and staple this tab booklet, then answer constructed response questions on direct and representative democracy. A Venn Diagram is also included to compare and contrast representative and direct democracy. There are two versions of the tab book included to meet the needs of all learners.

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Direct versus Representative Democracy Venn Diagram

This assessment compares/contrasts Direct Democracy with Representative Democracy. This file meets Georgia Performance Standards for third grade an...

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Roots of Democracy Game, Reading Passage with Question, and Posters

Roots of Democracy Set - 24 question/task cards, game board, 2 posters, 2 practice/assessment sheets.Many possibilities for classroom use.Set includes: 2 posters/anchor charts for classroom display- 1 poster for direct democracy and 1 for representative democracy. 24 task/scoot question cards with a recording sheet.-Great as a whole class review activity or small group center activity.

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Athenian Representative & Direct Democracy {Interactive Vocabulary Sort}

This Athenian Democracy vocabulary word interactive sort is just what you need if you teach third grade in Georgia (or any state, as long as it is Greece that you are teaching about!) Make sure that your students are able to tell the difference between some of the key terms and vocabulary involved in this person's life.


$10 A complete unit on Ancient Greece, written specifically for 3rd grade standards in Georgia. Packed with activities, reading comprehension, cut and paste, great visuals, lesson plans, study guide and test.


When Democracy was first brought to Athens, it was an experiment to test the civilizations reactions. Democracy was quickly favored in the civilizations lives.

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Greek Democracy vs Representative Democracy by Don Nelson

Classical Period: I chose this picture for two reasons. One, because democracy began during the Classical Period and has changed the world ever since. Second, because this picture compares and contrasts Greek democracy and current American representative democracy.