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"Disappointment & heart" you'll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you for them.. Not everyone has the same heart as you.. Isn't that the truth! There are alot of heartless people lately who at one point in there life had a heart for others!! Times have surely changed....


Disappointed...really?? I just have had 2 people who I thought were my friends, let me down in less than 2 weeks...this is the reason why I have disconnected myself from everyone for so long& the reason i hate people...I'll pick up where I left off...i know better...and i had really stopped having such high expectations for people...thank god for my hubby..he has yet to disappoint...


There is truth in this, however, life’s purpose isn’t about avoiding disappointment. In most things the most growth comes from mistakes, failures, and pain. Don’t be afraid to intelligently, deliberately experience new things, that is what life is for. “As iron sharpens iron,    so one person sharpens another.” “If you’re not failing     you’re not trying.”


Sure is an eye-opener when you realize this. But everyone, at some point, will let you down in some way. how you handle that disappointment ... that is what tells you who you truly are.


He took his "daddy" issues to a whole nother level...even his dad would be disappointed in him & I only wish his dad were alive to express that & then maybe, just maybe he would SMARTEN THE EFF UP


Iyanla Vanzant: 5 Thoughts to Remember During a Family Breakdown

Iyanla Vanzant: 5 Thoughts to Remember During a Family Breakdown - @Helen George #FixMyLife Sad but true. The ones we love hurt us the most.