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Find 10 ways to discipline kids without controlling them through punishment or rewards. Part of the positive parenting series at One Time Through. #parenting

Yelling. I think everyone yells at their kids from time to time. But what do you do when raising your voice is the only way to get kids to listen?

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule, the boredom rule, the money rule, the whining rule ... you get the idea :)

How to Raise a Happy, Successful Cooperative Child Infogram (Carol Tuttle, the Child Whisperer via Art Bar)

How to discipline your kids with the rubber band method is about how one mom was taught to appreciate her son 3 times a day with rubber bands to remind her to do so. It changed her parenting style for the better and it could change yours!

Author and mom, Lisa Whelchel, shares some of the creative consequences she’s come up with to help her discipline her children.

Millions of Miles: Creative Discipline- Our Get Along Jar

If done correctly, time-outs can be an effective method of disciplining kids. Watch our time-out dos and don’ts:

Positive parenting techniques for disciplining kids without controlling them through punishment or rewards. {One Time Through} #parenting

Click for a high-quality download to alternatives to saying no to kids even when disciplining

Consequences that Make Sense

Discipline jar- No more fighting! Cute ideas for disciplining kids..

Does it drive you nuts that your children interrupt you? There is a simple and effective solution.

How to Discipline a Child With ADHD: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child: We Get It Series

Learn the 7 secrets to #self-disciplined kids! #discipline

behavior chart with consequences | Gael's Crafty Treasures: Good Behavior/Chore chart (FREE printables)

This has worked at our home for several years now. There is no yelling, there is no arguing. What you see is what you get!

Discipline and Your Intense Child

5 Common Discipline Mistakes Every Parent Should Avoid - Matthew L. Jacobson... Also good fur teachers to read.

A new take on grounding that gets around the arbitrary time frames and minimizes the adversarial vibes between you and your child. (parenting teens, discipline tips, pre-teens, bad behavior)