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What your feet say about your health

Discolored toenails and odd sensations can point to health problems that seem to have nothing to do with your feet.

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Psoriasis nailed

Finger and toenails may develop tiny dents or pits, become discoloured and/or grow abnormally. Nails often become loose and separate from the nail bed. In severe cases, they may crumble

If you secretly put your toenail clippings in a glass of lemonade and make someone drink it, then that person is supposed to fall in love with you.


Have your nails lost shine and lustre? Are they fragile? Thickening? Crumbling? Are your nails distorted, and discoloured? then here are some home remedies for yellow toenails that are effective. These small things may be terrible, and debilitating to take care of.