With plants and a pathway kit from TwoGreenThumbs.com, I now have my own miniature garden. I just have to wait for the mosses to fill in.

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If you’re drawn to a contemporary look with strong, clean lines, and materials like granite, concrete, chrome, birch and stainless steel, you have a modern decorating style. See what decorating suggestions we have for you.

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previous pinner wrote, "What a lovely gazebo!" me thinks a small pergola with seating:) ~pp

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Purchase small pots of various succulents. The textures are fun to contrast, but don't forget about color. A variety of greens, grays and reds will give your arrangement a jewel box quality. Select a specimen that will be your focal point and build off of it.

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Cover the soil with beach sand and start designing your little piece of beachfront property. Place sea treasures here and there, and I think a Beach Dune Fence is a must. It defines the space so nicely.

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Use unique, upcycled containers, to create your own succulent dish garden. These tin coffee cups are just the right size to hold hens and chicks and other succulents.

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