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Disney 30 Day Challenge- Ok so I'm redoing the challenge again! And I'm actually going to stick to it this time! Ended up picking this one

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Disney 30 Day Challenge:this looks tons of fun! I feel like doing it now I can't wait 30 days to finish!! I am starting today

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Your Ultimate Disneyland Bucket List

We have created your ultimate Disneyland bucket list so that you can get the most out of your trip to the most magical place on earth. Here are the can't-miss acitivities that are very necessary to check off your list.

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Sensational Disney’s 30 Day Animated Feature Challenge Day 1: Your favorite characterDay 2: Your favorite official princess (that is part o...

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

Another!!! // @Caitlin Burton Painter @Kendall Finlayson Tubbs want to do a group challenge? Anyone else interested too?

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20 Day Princess Challenge! 1)Belle, 2)Snow White, 3)Pocahontas, 4)Sebastian or Olaf, 5)Charlotte, 6)Aladdin, 7)Tiana's parents, 8)Jasmine's castle, 9)Agrabah, 10)Cinderella's dress, 11)Tiana's voice, 12)Rapunzel and Ariel, 13)Tiana and Aurora, 14)Meeko and Pascal, 15)Flynn and Aladdin, 16)The beast dying, 17)When Cinderella pulls out the other slipper, 18)Dr. Facilier squishing Ray, 19)Jasmine's story, 20) Aladdin

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