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The Ultimate Disney Character Quiz

The Ultimate Disney Character Quiz - I got 94%! They have quite a few obscure characters. Great quiz!

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The Hardest Pixar Character Quiz You Will Ever Take

43/50 I'm a Pixar geek a cording to this so yeah its really accurate

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Disney Characters at Hogwarts. Apparently from a quiz i took, i would be in Ravenclaw

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Can You Name 99 Disney Characters?

How well do you know your Disney characters? I got 80 out of 99! Not bad at all considering I haven't seen half of them in several years! :D

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What Disney Character Are You?

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What Is Your Disney Personality Type?

Take this personality assessment test that measures how you perceive the world and make decisions, and find which Disney character and personality type you match up with! Are you Cinderella or Aladdin? Maybe Belle?

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What Disney Character are You Based on Your Pop Culture Tastes?

Quiz: What Disney Character are You Based on Your Pop Culture Tastes? | Quiz | Oh My Disney

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Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Disney Character Quiz?

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Can You Guess Where Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are ACTUALLY From?

Their royal majesties hail from all four corners of the earth! Can you guess their countries of origin though?

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