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Belle and the Beast in Disney's upcoming, live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast

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Happy New Year from #WaltDisneyWorld!

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No lie. I went to watch Moana in theaters two days in a row, and I'm so proud of myself

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Mickey - Good Night

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Pinned this because I don't think Moana and Maui should be shipped. Moana is 16, and it says in the movie that Maui had been trapped on an island for 1,000 years, making him....really old! No hate to anyone who does ship them, I personally just don't like it.

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Older Moana and Maui....

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DON'T. PAUSE. A. DISNEY. MOVIE. <<<<< ALWAYS. PAUSE. A. DISNEY. MOVIE. Or you won't get funny photos like this lol

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Pocket Princesses: #186

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Disney inspired pillow

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