Disney Personality Types

So.... I'm either Belle or Jasmine, depending on which day I test. Funny, I always thought Belle was kind of sappy, but I haven't seen either movie in forever.

Disney princess representations of Meyers Briggs personalities. Now I know why Belle has always been my favorite, we have the same type.

What is your Disney personality type? | Oh My Disney // I got Cinderella! (ISFJ) The perfect example of loyalty and kindness, you will go to great lengths to help someone in need, which is usually aided by your innate ability to remember details and the specific needs of the people close to you. You appreciate peace and do what you can to create that environment, like pulling out a glass slipper at just the right moment.

Which personality type and Princess are you? (mbti, disney princesses) {This one seems much more accurate than the other one I saw)

Disney Characters and their Myers-Briggs personalities.

I got : Mulan!! What Is Your Disney Personality Type? (horrible myer's briggs test. very off)

23 Signs You're Totally A Disney Villain. I just realized I am Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove.

(C) Myers Briggs Disney Personalities - familiar examples to provide a point of reference for what your "type" can mean.

Disney Personality Types - 03

HI! I'M DORY! Quiz - Which Disney personality are you? - YouThink.com

Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types Expressed as Disney Characters. I'm an ESTP lol but I never would have thought of myself as Flynn Rider! haha

Tiana! ESTJ, or "the Guardian". You live in a world of facts and concrete needs.. Outgoing, practical and decisive, you are effective in carrying out your plans while adhering to a strong moral character. You naturally gravitate towards roles of supervision in life. You take joy in making sure others do what they're supposed to do (and NOT to do what they're not supposed to do). You are excellent at organizing people by setting clear boundaries!

Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types expressed through Disney characters! I don't know if I'd trust the MBTI test that the page has to offer, but if you already know your type, it's fun to read up on! ♥ ESFJ ♥

What is Your Disney Personality Type? (I got Pocahontas) a link for the test to find out your personality type www.humanmetrics....

Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types - Disney style...not sure I agree with Jesus being an ENFJ...also, there's a link to the test on this website

What is Your Disney Personality Type? | Oh My Disney // I got Belle! (INFP) Quick to see the best in people, you are good-natured and compassionate. You have a knack for finding the possibilities in your surroundings and are creative and idealistic. You’re a bit of a dreamer and can see outside of your proverbial provincial town.

What is Your Disney Personality Type? | Oh My Disney Kendra Haverland

I'm not really into Disney princesses, but if my Meyers Briggs personality type makes me like a certain one...I would have wanted it to be Belle.

AWESOME! Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types expressed in Disney characters.

What is your Disney personality type? ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) like Aladdin!

What Is Your Disney Personality Type? I got Cinderella! I think mine came out rather accurate with my personality, I'm a nurturer natural introvert.

Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types Disney style. I'm with the likes of Jack Sparrow! Awesome. haha :)

You’re Kim Possible! You have a type A personality. You are highly motivated and achieve everything you set your mind to. Even in the midst of your busy lifestyle, you always have time to cheer up everyone around you, especially your friends and family.

What is Your Disney personality Type? | I used to be Mufasa/Aladdin, but now I'm Aladdin/Belle. Interesting :)

I got Rabbit! Which Winnie the Pooh Character Are You? | Oh My Disney You have a Type A personality. Making to-do lists is your favorite activity, and you are known for turning everything into a competition.