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    Disney Princess personality types. 10 Myers-Briggs Type Charts for Pop Culture Characters | Mental Floss

    Disney MBTI; turns out I'm Jiminy Cricket and Marlin

    Disney princess representations of Meyers Briggs personalities. Now I know why Belle has always been my favorite, we have the same type.

    So.... I'm either Belle or Jasmine, depending on which day I test. Funny, I always thought Belle was kind of sappy, but I haven't seen either movie in forever.

    (C) Myers Briggs Disney Personalities - familiar examples to provide a point of reference for what your "type" can mean.

    Disney Characters and their Myers-Briggs personalities.

    What Is Your Disney Personality Type? I got Cinderella! I think mine came out rather accurate with my personality, I'm a nurturer natural introvert.

    I got : Mulan!! What Is Your Disney Personality Type? (horrible myer's briggs test. very off)

    Tiana! ESTJ, or "the Guardian". You live in a world of facts and concrete needs.. Outgoing, practical and decisive, you are effective in carrying out your plans while adhering to a strong moral character. You naturally gravitate towards roles of supervision in life. You take joy in making sure others do what they're supposed to do (and NOT to do what they're not supposed to do). You are excellent at organizing people by setting clear boundaries!

    Which Disney Character are You According to the Myers Briggs Personality Type nerdtacular film and tv images

    What is your Disney personality type? | Oh My Disney // I got Cinderella! (ISFJ) The perfect example of loyalty and kindness, you will go to great lengths to help someone in need, which is usually aided by your innate ability to remember details and the specific needs of the people close to you. You appreciate peace and do what you can to create that environment, like pulling out a glass slipper at just the right moment.

    What is Your Disney Personality Type? (I got Pocahontas) a link for the test to find out your personality type www.humanmetrics....

    23 Signs You're Totally A Disney Villain. I just realized I am Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove.

    What is your Disney personality type? I'm Mary Poppins, ESFJ! Always polite and proper, you are happiest when you can help someone. You are deeply generous and compassionate and value harmony and loyalty. You might come across as bossy, but it’s only because you care so deeply for those around you. Basically, you are practically perfect in every way.

    Is your personality most like Elsa’s? Find out:

    What is your Disney personality type? ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) like Aladdin!

    Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types Expressed as Disney Characters. I'm an ESTP lol but I never would have thought of myself as Flynn Rider! haha

    I got: Pumba!! What Is Your Disney Personality Type? Wow that was really cool! Mackenzie

    Dummies of the Year presents A Myers-Briggs Personality Type According to Disney Characters, I am Pocahontas and Mulan!

    Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types I'm an ENFJ look who I'm like! Woohoo! Except... everybody on that list was shot and killed or murdered or what have you...

    Typing Fictional Characters: Gravity Falls. Using The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to type the fictional characters of Disney's Gravity Falls! Find out the personality types of each of the characters.

    Queen Elsa - INFJ: I cried because I totally understood her in the movie. Breaks my heart.

    Do You have a connection with an awesome Disney character? Then see which one you're most like in this Myers-Briggs post!

    What is your Disney personality type? (Meyer Briggs test). I got owl.