There is a secret path in Critter Country that most tourists don’t know about. As you’ll see in the pics, it looks like “cast member only” territory. If you walk through it, you’ll find a nice little eating area, a quiet bridge and a good photo op in front of Splash Mountain.

There are several of these I have never heard of! Like free sandwiches for everyone over 13??? ~ 25 Best Kept Disneyland Secrets from 'Or so she says...'

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Thank you!! I tell people this all the time and I don't think they believe me. The left line is the Tomorrowland side and the right is the Fantasyland side, thus going slower for the kiddos.

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Hahaha! When I was 9 my brother and I went on Splash Mountain and we didn't get water on us at all. Meanwhile my parents got soaked because it had started to rain while they were waiting for us outside. We still laugh about this. :) -April

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Michaela was the Rebel spy twice in a row. We thought it was because the guy who chose fancied her. And she is a pretty 17 year old dressed like Minnie Mouse...

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I'm going to end up trying for hours to get that thing out and then some cast member will come up and be like "Oh honey, it doesn't come out. You probably heard the rumors. Have a good day" then walk off

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