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Distortion Meaning

from The Toast

The Unified Theory of Ophelia: On Women, Writing, and Mental Illness

The author on why she believes Ophelia is the most important character William Shakespeare ever created.

Liked on Pinterest: "Warlock Day" - According to medieval Scottish superstitious belief the first male stranger met on this day who is dressed in black from head to toe (particularly if barefooted) was believed to be a warlock. People took care not to look the man directly in the eye for fear of becoming bewitched. As time went on the word warlock was slowly distorted from its original meaning of cunning man trickster or magician and like 'witch' and 'pagan' it slowly became associated with…

I feel the relationship with a spiritual teacher is the most profound relationship one can have. A realized master one who is beyond ego and rests in non-duality sees knows and loves us infinitely. When we accept them as our teacher they commit to guiding our path with wisdom and care far beyond the understanding of our ego. A master highlights our strengths and weaknesses and gives us tools to grow into the fullness of who we are. Just as with a doctor we must do our own healing work but we…

Mark Driscoll’s Distorted View on Noah and Salvation . . . (And How Some People Have a Very Strange Idea as to the Meaning of God’s Salvation)

''Why Saying “Men Are Slaves To Their Sex Drive” Is Insulting To Men'' by Jamie Utt