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THE HUNGER GAMES: Serves Up A New Course Of Fashion, Courtesy Of Artist Lance Temple | BAD HAVEN

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I'm from district 4. I volunteered for my friends sister. I'm in love with Gale and was killed by a weapon.

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Which "Hunger Games" District Do You Actually Belong In?

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Which of the Hunger Games Districts Has the Best Stocks

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I didn't know weather to put this in HArry Potter or Hunger Games so I put it in hunger games

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"Anatomy of Panem" #CatchingFire infographic from AMC Theatres:

Content Marketing Done Right: AMC Theatres' THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Infographic

"Anatomy of Panem" #CatchingFire infographic from AMC Theatres:

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This is the only one I've seen so far that actually makes sense according to the descriptions in the book!!!

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District 9: Grain

District 9: Grain, created by Outfit for The Hunger Games, District 9: Grain. Sorry for the ridiculous expensiveness of the dress...

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I came from district 11, I was a victor but died from an illness one month after victory, i was reaped and i did the Hunger Games with Finnick odair

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