I got : Divergent! Aptitude Test: Which Faction Do You Belong In? You broke the system. Inconclusive. You belong to two or more, be very aware, any will kill you.

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Sometimes when I take this test I don't like what I come out as so I change my answers so I become Divergent or Dauntless.

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List of FACTIONS for the Divergent series...first two books are amazing; cannot wait til the third book comes out this fall!!

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I took Zimbio and AMC Theatre's 'Divergent' quiz, and I'm Divergent! No surprises there as I'm likely Abnegation/Dauntless/Erudite/Amity. Which faction are you?

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I am in Dauntless, then abnegation, then erudite, then candor, then amity. I knew i was dauntless even when i started reading the books

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Does anyone else do these kinds of tests, just different ones, and the result is normally different?

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I am #Divergent because I'm intelligent and brave. Are you #Divergent? I got Dauntless & Erudite!

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