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Extra Pin: This class has opened up many discussions and challenged us to be open minded to different genders and ways in which people live. I like this quote because i think that it provides the same message that i took from taking this class when it comes to gender and identity

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10 Words of Wisdom From the Late Maya Angelou

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If only this was a universal thought...*le sigh* diversity // maya angelou #followprettypearlsinc More

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.they say opposites attract for a reason....never settle for someone that you have too much in common with, that you see all the time simply because you're sick of being alone or sick of looking for your perfect match...they are out there and if you settle before you meet them, then you will be stuck with a serious dilemma

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The importance of different life experiences. If we are "the body of Christ" then every organ has a different shape, function, and placing. Some of which don't make sense to the other. It is important not to question the other organs...but to give and receive. The blood and fluids must flow in between in order to provide health. Blood=Joy. The movement of blood (Joy) is Love.

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