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The attorneys at Jensen Schmidt McElwee & Gordon, PLLC, practice primarily in the area of family law, representing clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and surrounding areas on matters such as property division, spousal maintenance, child custody and support, and post-divorce modifications.

When both spouses agree to the terms and conditions surrounding child custody (now referred to as the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois), parenting time, the division of property, child support and spousal maintenance in the dissolution of a marriage, it is referred as an Amicable Divorce. For more information visit:-


You owe it to your child : paternity information for mothers and fathers, by the Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support

“Every parent, regardless of the relationship (or lack of one) that existed at the time the child was conceived, has a responsibility to provide financial support for their child.”

“I am a Division of Child Support Caseworker in a state bordering South Dakota. As such, I speak with other caseworkers in SD and…

Echols & Associates is primarily engaged in contested and complex family law cases, valuation and division of marital estates, determination of marital and separate property, business valuations, requests for and defense of requests for support alimony, contested child custody, visitation and support, jurisdictional disputes, including international law issues, paternity, guardianship, wills and probate, and domestic violence.

State of Missouri: Family Support Division - Child Support Enforcement Enforces the payment of child support, establishes child support orders, establishes paternity and makes order modifications

In cooperation with DMV and DHSS’ Division of Child Support Enforcement, the payment kiosks, operated by TouchPay, are now located at DMV offices in all three Delaware counties and for the first time are accepting child support payments.