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Top 10 tips for newly divorced moms | The Momiverse | Article by Lee Brochstein | Photo by Fire Eyes Photography

A Divorce More Devastating Than Physical Separation --- Although It is quiet and subtle, it is also cold and fierce

14 Things No One Tells You About Divorce. When you're getting a divorce, there are just some things that no amount of self-help books can prepare you for, like how jolting it is to walk into your house after your ex has moved out, or that "is this real life?" feeling that inevitably comes when signing the divorce papers. Read more at www.huffingtonpos...

Dating After Divorce - it has challenges when kids are in the mix... granted I didn't get divorced but all the same challenges seem to be there...

What does the Bible say about divorce? @ really enjoyed reading this article. I liked how it broke it down and it was bible based.

Getting divorced is scary. Learning how to live on a single income is even scarier. Re-examining your spending and saving habits is crucial in saving money on a single income.

Clear. Concise. Confirmed. | 24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes

Parenting after divorce is a challenge no one expects to deal with. Here's a positive way to cope with shared custody of your child.

{5 Tips for Talking about Divorce} How do you explain to your child “it happens” without instilling fear that it could happen to YOUR family?

1 Corinthians 13 for Divorced Parents: a must-read post for anyone going through the struggle of co-parenting after divorce!

Recognize the signs of an ending #relationship before it's too late. Hmmmm sounds about right!

How to Raise Happy Kids through a Difficult time, Divorce - Temecula Qponer ~ Blogs!

Thisssss is amazing and soooo true haha stages of dating after divorce.

Those burdens weigh you down without your acknowledgement.Don't allow so much unnecessary problems fill you with worry.

The Seven Stages Of Grief For Divorce | LIVESTRONG.COM

Has anybody seen Ken? | 24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes Lauren Bellotti

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