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Djia Chart Today

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Five Charts That Matter More Than the Dow Jones Industrial Average

"Today, as [this] chart shows, the average unemployed person is out of a job for roughly 35 weeks. And as Yellen also noted in her speech last month, the number of people who are working part-time in order to make ends meet, at jobs they are likely overqualified for, is still distressingly high."

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Graph Picture..DJIA price pattern is the same as that leading to the 1929 crash

Crash coming..?? .DJIA price pattern is the same as that leading to the 1929 crash

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Apple Still Number One, Fast-Fashion Dips Among Millennials

Millennial Brand Ranking: Apple Still Number One Fast-Fashion Dips

Asian Markets on the Run -


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Chart Shows the Peak of US Investor Panic Today

PHOTO: The Dow Jones industrial average had a 1,000-point drop during the opening of trading in New York, Aug. 24, 2015.