All the new mermaid documentaries on Discovery about human evolving from mermaids are quite fascinating; we DO have a small bit of skin webbing between our fingers & toes and we are composed mostly of water after all... Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel Panda

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Here we just may have proof that Mermaids are real. Here we just may have videos and photos of real live mermaids, mermaid skeletons and a mummified mermaid. But is this evidence proof enough?

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Animal Planet managed to 'hook' 3.6 million viewers with their new evidence that speculating that mermaids do, in fact, exist. In one heck of a War of the Worlds moment, viewers around the world starting sharing out the astonishing new video at lightening speed.

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Mermaids do exist! The coolest socks on planet earth. Start expressing yourself with Living Royal. Use 'GET10OFF' for 10% off all orders plus $3 flat-rate shipping on all US orders!

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After reading this 100 times I think "wrong" should be removed. I feel like it's saying I think they don't exist when I completely believe that the do exist. Oh well, still like it. :)

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