How do Probiotics Work? - Nature's Sunshine – If you want to know the basics about probiotics, including: how probiotics work, what probiotics are, and where you can find probiotics (including food and supplements), take this short educational quiz. #probioticsupplement #probiotics

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The Vagus nerve. Did you know that stimulation of this nerve triggers off all your digestive processes, helping you digest and absorb nutrients better and avoid bloating, reflux and indigestion. You can trigger it using bitter foods such as rocket or by deep breathing. If you are having significant digestive issues, your Naturopath can prescribe herbs that trigger the Vagus nerve. Cool huh?

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Throwing Away The Best Parts Of My Fruits & Veggies? – Issue # 101/3 | FruitsMax

Article about yogurt affect on gut heath ...picture is Packages of Activa yogurt, which contain probiotics, on a grocery shelf in Chicago.

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