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Another fact is that adult dragonflies will devour just about anything they can catch. Dragonflies usually eat mosquitoes, bees, gnats, butterflies, termites, and other bugs. When they are in the nymph stage, they eat small fish, tadpoles, mosquito larvae, worms, and aquatic insects.

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How to Get Rid of Flying Termites (Winged Termites)?

How to Get Rid of Flying Termites (Winged Termites)? In this article, we are discussing how to get rid of flying termites (winged termites)? The most common termite noticed is the flying termite. They come in groups and look much like termites. They go directly for light sources and will enter your home through windows or cracks. These fliers are... #Ants, #BedBugs, #BestWaysToGetRidOfFlyingTermites, #BestWaysToTreatFlyingTermites, #Bugs, #CureFlyingTermites, #FastTreatme


Holy Flying Termites, Batman! What Do Termites Have To Do With Climate Change?

Do termites fly? Yes, some termites fly. In fact, flying termites are usually a homeowner’s first indication that they are in the middle of a termite infestation. Termite colonies produce winged termites in order to reproduce. After they’ve mated, female termites shed their wings and establish new colonies. And due to warming temperatures, two of the most destructive termite species mated in 2014.

Subterranean termites pictures. They can be found almost in every US state, not counting Alaska.


Termites or white ants. Termites have only a head and a body while ants have a head and two-segment body.