Well at least they have an actual name picked out -- unless she is going by rule number 1....

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Like a moron- I literally bought this shirt (up to smith) not 3 weeks ago...fully knowing a new Doctor was coming (Head shake)

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Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help explain a little bit better what doctors do not explain to their patients.

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Has anyone considered what it means now that Claras memories from "The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" episode are back? Remember when she was in the TARDIS' library? She saw it... She saw the Doctors name :o

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In 1994, a doctor named Clifton Meador penned a satirical portrait of “the last well person” for the New England Journal of Medicine. The protagonist, bent on discovering every datum of unwellness …

Yes. Please please please do not reveal his real name BBC. Then there's no... mysterious element anymore, and what's the fun in that? DON'T DO IT MOFFAT! Just reveal the mystery behind Clara, NOT the Doctor

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Why can't we say Lyme Doctors names on Lyme Forums? | What is Lyme Disease?

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Rose Tyler, defender of the earth. Bad wolf. Doctor who. Whovian. Fandoms. Tenth doctor. Her name was rose.

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