Challenge Day #11: Oh look, finally a GIF! Once again, there are so many episodes that I could choose from! But, since I am partial to Nine, I'm going to have to go with "End of the World." Admittedly, there are some sad parts to this episode, but it is otherwise basically comprised of Sassy Nine laughing at Rose for her amazement at the aliens and making fun of Cassandra.

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50 Doctor Who Themed Party Snacks, Drinks, and Favors for the 50th Anniversary |Foodbeast

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Her romance with Ten was simultaneously the cutest and most heartbreaking thing to ever exist. | 18 Reasons Rose Tyler Was Undeniably The Best Companion On "Doctor Who"

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Omg too funny! You'd have to watch Doctor Who to really get it but it's funny anyway. << i actually understood it!!!

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