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Doctor Who Tattoos

5 days ago

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50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos, tha bad wolf is the best. I do not understand people tattooing we eping angels on themselves....doomed.

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Reasons Doctor Who fans are the best: Reason 18: Even their tattoos are clever.

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50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos It'd be so cool to have #14, but in graffiti letter!!

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos... interesting (also don't worry mom i'm not getting one)

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50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos - BuzzFeed

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos

  • Beka Whitley

    Garrett Poyser

  • Meg Marie

    13, 14 and 49 are my favs. But even in tattoo form the damn angels creep me out. I can't even look at angel statues anymore.

50 Fantastic “Doctor Who” Tattoos (via BuzzFeed Community)

doctor who tattoos. if i were to get a tattoo, I'd pick the Fantastic one.

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50 Fantastic “Doctor Who” Tattoos (via BuzzFeed Community)

  • Pip Kerr

    I know! The dropped 'h' has been bugging me for months! I have to wonder if the owner of the finger even watched the show... River, dropping the 'h'? Seriously?!

  • Susan Fleming

    Ok good people already commented on the "'ello"

  • Kate Jennings

    I'm glad some other people thought the same thing as me. River has elegant diction. She's not in "Oliver Twist." Lol.

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50 Fantastic “Doctor Who” Tattoos (via BuzzFeed Community)

Dr Who meets van Gogh! Don't even know where to pin this awesomeness! Art, tattoo, or Dr. Who?

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos

  • Jamaica Taylor

    Lovelovelove it!!!! Not that i am going to get a tatoo....but if i Was ,oh boy!!! It' d be something like this:)

  • Stephanie Rivera

    Lol I see what you mean

  • Leslie R

    *just sorry i just woke up lol

  • Leslie R

    No I know that he said it, but I don't think she got the tattoo jist because Tennant said it. Still very pretty and classy.

  • Stephanie Rivera

    10 is allon-sy, the 10th's very doctor who-ish...

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Combo of LOTR , Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , Doctor Who | 39 Tattoos That Are Basically Works Of Art

I think this quote describes all Doctor Who fans:)

Best Doctor Who Tattoos | List of Cool Doctor Who Tattoos (Page 19)

Doctor Who Tardis by Jessi Adrignola

50 Fantastic "Doctor Who" Tattoos - BuzzFeed

  • Isabella Taylor

    John 3:15-18 Hope in remission of sins through Jesus Christ alone in a nutshell. Look it up. ;)

If I could figure out where, I might actually tattoo this on me for my love of Doctor Who is that great. Sorry Highlander and Buffy.

  • Amber Basterash

    I don't really like doctor who, but I LOVE this quote

  • Ally Peterson

    I want to have this on a dark but pretty background then framed and hung up in my library like room.

  • Elle Shahan

    If u culd translate it, it wuld be cool to do it on ur shoulder in circular gallifreyan.

  • Jam

    Non whovians would never understand! Lol

  • Crimson Smith

    The back would be best best, won't strech/shrink with weight change as badly plus lots of space

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I Will Always Love You Doctor Who Blanket, I think this would make a lovely tattoo..

Doctor Who tattoo by AtACoAsT.devianta... on deviantART

I couldn't figure out which board to pin this to, geek or tattoos. Ultimately I chose geek because that is a seriously geek tattoo... Which is also why I love it.

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Unicorn Empire Dr. Who design...this would make an awesome Doctor Who tattoo!

Doctor Who tattoo flash... This as a whole would be an awesome tattoo...

Done by Tyler Newman-Stump - at Skeleton Crew Tattoo in Columbus, IN. Tattoo inspired by an episode of Doctor Who, in which Van Gogh paints his TARDIS exploding