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Marine Recruits, someones day is about to get ruined USMC | boot camp | Drill instructor

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This is a picture of my dog. He is an English Mastiff. We sent him to dog boot camp because he has no manners. His name is Payton. He is 130 pounds of stupid.

7 years later, schools, hardcore training, deployment...can't believe I was so unbelievably scared and nervous about my son going to boot camp!

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Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight With Us -

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Have dog tags ready to go when they walk in the door! Walk them through the basic training experience!

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What is boot camp like in the Marine Corps? Check out our week by week guide for what you can expect if you want to earn the title United States Marine. The USMC's boot camp is the longest of all the services.

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I sent this with my son when he left for Boot Camp with the Marine Corps, in turn he sent me a set of dog tags with the same verse on it while he was deployed. Love that soldier! Thank you son for serving

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