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Reasonably Priced Dog Proof Fencing

Patio stones around the edge of the fence makes it hard to dig under. Great idea for the outside of chicken coops and garden fencing too. Would also keep weeds from growing up into the fence.

What a cool-looking fence! Who knew cattle panels could look so pretty?

Put rebar at the bottom of fences to help deter digging by animals. Would be helped by adding flagstone or rocks next to the rebar.

GREAT idea for a privacy fence that's easier on the pocketbook. Lattice to the height you want and the solar lights gives it the finished look.

AFTER: The finished dog kennel includes a steel fence with pressure-treated wood frame, sliverless cedar chips and a manger-style shed.

Home made Dog Pond--Plastic kiddie pool sunken in ground, surrounded by pavers.

Pallet slipped over fence posts for quick fencing

How to Build a Mesh Fence/detailed tutorial

Cheap Garden fence idea ... The metal mesh is cattle panel. Strong enough to last and to pull growing ivy & vines off of.

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Deer proof garden fence! Last year it was the rabbits - this year it is the deer. I have to get something up. Another site said it only needs to be 3 feet high to deter them. They won't jump it unless they're scared or can't find anything else to eat. (I have neighbors with gardens)

dog fence with an elevated covered shelter on North End to block winter wind

A Dog Run

Cedar and metal fence has some information on the types of fencing that can be installed around ones home.

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A small (very small) backyard dog run right off the porch or deck...when I get a house of my own and pups

I saw this online and we did it in our own yard. Turned out pretty good. This picture is not of mine.

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How to Set Fence Posts That Won't Rot Keep moisture and insects from destroying your cedar fence posts

Looks like a great solution for a more permanent trellis especially for the aggressive growth of trumpet vine.

A solution to fence that is raised or that a dog digs around. I can do this for a lot less than they are charging

Peace in the Yard: 7 Ways To Dog Proof Your Fence. Definitely using the L Footer with our privacy fence.