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57 DIY Pet Bed: Comfy Beds to Fit Your Pets

Taking care of your pet goes beyond giving them food and clean water; you can also do a pawsome bed upgrade! For more ideas go to

And someday, when we have coops full of rescue chickens, we'll have rescue goats running and playing on their goat fort. /LOL you need a couple thick poles with a 2x6 going across from one to the other. Goats really enjoy that. Telephone poles work real well too.

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If I won the lottery, this would be in my backyard...neighborhood dog parties y'all!

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K9Grass, the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, is a cleaner, safer and better smelling environment for pets.

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Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions - 24 Pics
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Collect All These 3D Printable Corgis

Ever want to recreate dog fort with a Red Lobster figurine of your own? Now you can.

Snow dog to dog fort

Snow dog to dog fort

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