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Pet hair is apart of my daily life. I have no problem with pet hair on every single surface in my house. After all, I have one of the breeds on the list of top twenty dogs that shed so if I didn’t have pet hair everywhere it would be a concern. However, I do …

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My Secret Weapon that Picks Up More Dog Hair

The easiest way to remove the most dog hair from carpet | Carpet Rake

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38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners

Remove pet hair from carpet with a squeegee. | 38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners


Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper...they don't always have this at the store but if you ever see it, snatch it up! THE BEST FUR/LINT BRUSH EVER!!! It saves you a lot of lint roller sheets by getting the majority of the hairs first!

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These brilliant life hacks make dog ownership easier than ever

Use a squeegee to remove dog hair from the carpet before vacuuming. It's more effective and keeps dog hair from clogging your vacuum's rollers. It also works in your car.

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How to Remove Dog Hair From Just About Anywhere!

Do you make your décor choices based on how visible your dog’s hair will be on the material? If so, it's time for some tried-and-true dog hair removal solutions. When you’re in a rush, wet your palm and fingers, and brush your hand across the sofa cushion, pant leg, or other hairy surface. The hair sticks to your damp skin, and you can dispose of it easily. Once you are done with that, check out eBay’s guide to removing dog hair from just about anywhere.

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How to Keep From Drowning in Pet Hair

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.