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active-pup: Did you know that Vaseline is good for your dogs paw pads. It’s like lotion on our feet. Plus, they don’t even try to lick it off really, maybe because there’s not much of an odor. Happy love your pet day!!

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Effective care of Paws…

I recently had a personal message regarding a puppys tender little paw pads, and how to care for them...It seemed perfect to address this important subject here... Like any Platoon Sergeant worth h...

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How to Treat a Dog's Paw Pad Injury

A paw pad injury may be a challenging injury to deal with. Because the area supports a dog's weight and because it is used in order to walk, it will undergo constant friction, pressure and also it will be difficult to keep clean. Another issue, is...

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5 Must-Know Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws

5 Important Tips for Caring for your Dog's Paws - It upsets me to see owners walk their dogs on scorching asphalt, concrete or other hot surfaces while they wear shoes! Your dogs feet feel that heat as well!!!

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DIY Paw Wax & Nose Conditioner For Dogs

Make your own DIY paw wax and nose conditioner. Does your dog have dry or cracked paw pads? This wax will help keep their paws nice and soft!

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Paw - Pads

Paw-Pads. Does your dog slip and slide on your hardwood or tile floors? Help protect your sweet pooch from potential injury with these Paw-Pads non-slip traction pads. Veterinarian recommended Paw-Pads provide much needed traction for dogs on slippery floors such as hardwood, tile, marble and other slick surfaces. Unlike doggie boots, shoes and rubber socks, your dog won’t even know she has anything on her feet.

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5 Must-Know Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws

5 Must-Know Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws -

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Paw Soother is an organic, vegan, 100% natural herbal-based blend of butters and special plant oils. Paw Soother is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads.

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Irritated Dog Paws - How to Stop It

Itchy, sore, or red dog paws can be a symptom of allergies. Dog paws that are itchy, red, or sore are usually related to allergies and excessive licking. Learn how to help soothe them.

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