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    Dog pen. I'd build a doggy cabana in one end and let them sleep out there when it got to be over 100 in here during the summer. I might join them!

    Wish all dogs were protected in a kennel like this if owner must leave them out for periods of time. 8 x 12 Dog Kennel

    dog run chicken coop | norgaard-family-coop - BackYard Chickens Community

    Dog's pen and there houses made from pallets. Use this idea to make an extended duck and chicken pen!

    How we changed to strong, see-thru goat pens that can be reconfigured for the changing needs of our Nigerian Dwarf goat herd.

    The Richell Convertible Pet Gate can span areas up to 135 inches wide to keep your dog confined. Pet containment system can be used as room divider or pet pen.

    Digging may be a natural doggy behavior, but it’s also a dangerous one. An avid digger can decimate a yard in minutes and break free for a hazardous run through the neighborhood. However, a roll of chicken wire and little elbow grease will stop your digging pooch in his tracks.

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    Corrugated metal as wall covering - would love it for the mudroom!

    No more turned over trash cans while I am at work. Tips on how to take care of your home alone dog. What works what doesn't...

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    Covered dog area for Roxie, without the concrete. Could be used when the snow level is above her head. Doggie door installed so she can use it, or go right out to the yard thru open gate.

    While building the pen you just need to keep certain things in mind. Two most essential requirements of the chicken pen are safety and comfort. You must save the chicken from possible danger and you must make sure that the birds are comfortable inside their coop.

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