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Having a dog is a wonderful experience, but in order to have the best possible relationship with your dog, you need to establish yourself as the Pack Leader. From the moment they’re born, puppies look to their mothers for guidance and training. But once that puppy or adult dog joins your family, the Pack Leader …

systematic desensitization with your dog | need to somehow desensitize griz to trucks and other dogs.

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Raising a dog is a huge commitment. However, many people simply do not really understand dog psychology, or why they behave certain ways in certain situations. Pit bulls especially are different in their needs and the way they interact. Although every dog has a unique personality, there are some proven and time-tested ways to …

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True!!! When I was a kid and got a spanking for misbehaving , I would go outside…

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Andre Millan gets tips from a trainer of the Dog Psychology Center on how to stop a puppy from jumping.

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